Our goal is to defend the world’s digital assets

Ingenious cyber defenses against tomorrow’s criminals

Protect your digital assets today

What Makes Us Different

We engineer solutions for relentless protection. ACDS is the new front line against ever-more-sophisticated cybercrimes.

We adapt to protect businesses from cyberattacks with sophisticated systems and teams. Our philosophy is simple. It takes a good hacker to beat a malicious one. In order to understand and defend against attacks, we need to think like they do.

Our next-gen security mechanisms are supported by Intercept, engineered by ACDS to deliver some of the most sophisticated defenses in the world – without compromise!

We actively promote ‘White Hat” ethics to build a future where hackers use their powers for good and not evil.

Our services are managed by an elite, global team of engineers, defensive and offensive players including social engineers to test and secure human points of vulnerability within an organization.

Our goal is to defend the world’s digital assets – by actively seeking, understanding, defending and neutralising malicious threats in whatever shape they attack so that we can protect the digitally vulnerable from evil that intends to destabilize order.


Our teams are dotted all over the globe, harnessing global best-of-breed talent to deliver unparalleled threat hunting and detection capabilities wherever you are.

All of our engineers and analysts are highly trained professionals who have gone through a range of training developed for, and by, the military based on real world scenarios and situations. So they are trained to analyse, understand and recognize patterns presented by cybercriminals.


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