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How can you ensure business gets back to business as quickly as possible? Utilising our sophisticated cybersecurity company to protect you, your business stands a fighting chance against today’s threat landscape and its ability to destabilize your operations.

If a threat does occur the threat is assessed, responded to and contained, while a recovery strategy to mitigate the damages is implemented. Responses to threats are within defined times to ensure the recovery of critical business functions to enable operational business continuity.

Cyber Protect Cloud:

In partnership with Acronis, we offer a full information security solution with protection against malware including ransomware and crypto miners. With fast and reliable recovery of apps, systems, and data on any device from any incident, with comprehensive yet simple endpoint management toolkits and backup solutions.

Training and Awareness (Including Red Team campaigns):

Employees are often an organisation’s most significant vulnerability, so it is imperative to train them on all security-related risks and test their knowledge to lessen incidents. Our service includes Red Team assessments (where our teams will test your security and protocols) against employees, including specialized assessments against executive-level members.

Incident Response Management:

We partner with you to define mechanisms to respond to cyber-incidents & compromises. We assist with everything, from what the legal and public relations implications are who should be activated to respond and what should be communicated within the organisation as well as to clients, suppliers and other contacts.

Cyber & Information Security Strategies:

ACDS is here to help you build your organisation, and implement a long-term cyber security strategy in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Disaster Recovery Planning:

We will help you align the IT disaster recovery strategy to the business needs and requirements on critical information assets and prioritisation for speedier recovery should an attack take place.

Attack/Adversary & Crisis Simulations:

We help you test your business continuity and disaster recovery plans when faced with a (real) simulated attack. We conduct “Tabletop Exercises” (incident preparedness activities with onsite training in a simulated scenario) and Red Team Analysis (tests your cybersecurity through hacking and physical measures) in a mock exercise. We test the entire organisations response, top-down to ensure nothing is left to chance.


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