Quality cloud-based email, web and archiving management solutions

Purpose-built to enable businesses to easily protect their users and network

Overwatch offers you and your organisation a quality cloud-based email, web and archiving management solution that will keep you safe at all times. Overwatch is made up of MailSecure, WebSecure and ArcSecure for your safety!

MailSecure is a targeted email threat protection for your business
WebSecure is content control and malware protection for your business
ArcSecure is an email archiving solution that takes email efficiency to the next level

Overwatch MailSecure

What is Overwatch MailSecure?

Overwatch MailSecure is a full-service, cloud based email security solution which protects your business, your employees and your clients. The cloud solution is extraordinarily simple to set up and manage, requires no software installation and provides among its many features 99.7% spam detection, virus and malware blocking, authentication control, outbound scanning as well a robust reporting structures. Central to everything we do is our service commitment to our worldwide client base.

Overwatch MailSecure is a highly effective spam filtering solution for enterprises – and SMBs – that blocks more than 99.9% of spam email, preventing phishing emails, malware, and ransomware from reaching employees’ inboxes.


Powerful Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware blocking

  • Double antivirus protection, including Kaspersky Lab and Clam AV engines
  • Both inbound and outbound mail is scanned for viruses
  • Content Control that can be managed by administrator or at user level
  • LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
  • SASL authentication
  • Advanced features for outbound mail scanning and routing
  • IP protection control

Key Facts:

  • 91 % of all data breaches start with a phishing email – Research conducted by PHISHMB
  • 60% percent of ransomware is still distributed via email
  • Blocking those malicious emails is essential
  • Spam email represents the biggest threat to organization

Overwatch WebSecure

What is Overwatch WebSecure?

Overwatch WebSecure is a cloud based web filtering service which allows you to monitor, control and protect your business and users from online threats. Overwatch WebSecure Cloud allows you create a granular policy for your users to control internet access and block malware in your organisation. Comprehensive reporting allows you see internet activity in real time and also choose from a large number of predefined reports on usage. The cloud based solution checks your DNS request against a predefined policy, thus allowing or blocking access to the requested URL. Only requiring a simple DNS redirect to the Overwatch WebSecure servers makes set up simple and quick, allows for scale and eliminates latency.


Overwatch WebSecure threat detection systems utilize the following ten types of Malicious Categories:

  1. Ad Fraud
  2. Spyware & Questionable Software
  3. Compromised & Links To Malware
  4. Botnet
  5. Phishing/Fraud
  6. Spam URLs
  7. Malware Distribution Point
  8. Command + Control Centers
  9. Malware Call-Home
  10. Cryptocurrency Mining

Overwatch ArcSecure

Overwatch ArcSecure is a flexible, scalable, high performance email archiving solution that is guaranteed to:

  • Reduce Premium Storage Footprint on Mail Server
  • Assist Dispute Resolution & Reputation Management
  • Eliminate PST Files
  • Mobile Access
  • Superior Findability
  • Cut Cost of Mail Server Maintenance
  • Slash Time Searching for Lost Email
  • Streamline Mail Server Migration

Your email archive is stored safely in the cloud ensuring you:

  • Automated inbox management
  • Retrievable at anytime from anywhere
  • High data privacy and security standards
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • All Overwatch ArcSecure datacentres are IL5 certified and therefore highly secure
  • Accessible on the go, from any location for flexible working


Overwatch ArcSecure’s Key Features include:

  • Pay as you go – per live user subscription
  • Ultimate scalability – zero limits on user numbers or storage space
  • No onsite hardware required – all support included
  • Office 365 compatible – the perfect partner to Office 365
  • Platform independent – same great solution, no matter the delivery method
  • Flexible licensing – pay per live user to avoid cost increases with staff turnover
  • Up and ready to go within minutes

Why use Overwatch?

Overwatch has been purpose-built to enable businesses to easily protect their users and network from spam email, viruses and malware. The cloud solution is designed to easily integrate into the existing infrastructure and deployment is very straight forward. Overwatch enables businesses to filter the organisation’s email traffic without any expensive or time consuming overheads.

Try Overwatch for Free

If you would like to experience the benefits of spam and phishing free email, do not hesitate to contact us. We are offering companies the opportunity to try Overwatch for free, with no set up costs or credit cards required, no contracts to sign, and no commitment to continue using our service at the end of the thirty-day trial period. If you want to run a free trial, place an order or discuss requirements NOW


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