Intercept defense purpose engineered

For your unparalleled protection

Detect and protect with speed and accuracy


Intercept is a defensive cybersecurity and threat hunting platform that provides defensive capabilities and infrastructure at any scale with nothing for you to maintain. The system was purpose-built by expert Blue Teamers and Defenders; for the needs of Blue Teams and the industry at large to protect your and your client’s digital assets from hackers and threat actors


Dedicated services from Multidisciplinary (Purple team) SOC and offensive security teams
Vulnerability Management and Validation
Threat Hunting and Validation
Rapid Detection and Response
Threat Intelligence Delivery and Validation Using Risk Scoring
Robust Advisory and Consulting Services
  • ACDS knows that attackers can enter your network without accessing an endpoint. Intercept is next-gen.
  • It goes further, deeper and faster than traditional defense system.
  • Industry-beating time of 30 minutes of first IOC attempt.
  • Honey nets and perimeter trip wire systems
  • Always-on, automated threat hunting and intelligence processes
  • Rapid detection and response services from Multidisciplinary (Purple team) SOC and offensive security teams

What Makes Intercept Different

Most cybersecurity firms base their defenses on the assumption that all attacks will occur from an end-point or human vulnerability.

Intercept knows that sophisticated cybercriminals can enter your network through other avenues linked directly to your perimeter or different network components, skipping endpoints altogether.

Intercept covers all aspects of your endpoint, perimeter and network through a variety of tools to detect and defeat any unauthorized entry with speed and accuracy.


Intercept Endpoint Detection and Response services per device costs approximately 82,5% less than its closest competitor – with a focus on extreme value.
Our response time is 30-minutes (when deployed correctly) from IOC to locating and isolating the attackers. The industry average is 24 hours.
Our end-point defense protocols enhance any current malware protection programmes available

Retrospectively track a breach – Intercept is compatible with any YARA files/sources and compatible with any threat intelligence platform. Intercept supports “Replay” which allows clients to run newly discovered threat intelligence against up-to 1-year’s worth of data.

Intuitively designed management dashboard enables single view of data. Intercept can also integrate outputs with an existing SIEM or event management system
Robust servers available if required for network analysis
Secure and affordable cloud/data warehousing
Compliant with EU NIS, CIS, GDPR and PoPIA

Managed by elite cybersecurity specialists who care about protecting your business.


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