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Is there a way you can ensure you remain secure? We can help you identify and classify your data and build a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is responsive to cyber threats before they strike to ensure you remain as secure as possible.

This is where we identify your threats based on a threat analysis, using our own threat intelligence system we have created, we consider the full scope of potential risk avenues by conducting a full security assessment which covers digital, physical and human risk factors. Once these are identified, we classify and profile them according the type and level of risk posed to assist in your rule building to input into a tool for improved outputs.


All of our engineers and analysts are highly trained professionals who have gone through a range of training developed for, and by, the military based on real world scenarios and situations. They are trained to analyse, understand and recognize patterns presented by cybercriminals with extensive experience in the computer security consulting industry. It is our responsibility to identify a threat before it happens with our extensive knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and the determination to intercept a cyber-attack before it takes place.

Critical Control Measurement:

We apply global best practices based on research and development in the form of Critical Control Measurements. Essentially, it’s a set of 20 controls designed to help you safeguard your systems and data from known attack vectors. This service includes our “Control Workbench Enablement” which gives you the autonomy to code, debug, and test jobs the same way that any other coding activity is performed.

IS027001 - ISMS alignment:

An ISMS (Information Security Management System) is a system of processes, documents, technology, and people that can help you manage, monitor and improve your information security in one place. And ISO27001 is the international standard that describes best practice for an ISMS. We can to help your organization create a bespoke Information Security Strategy in alignment with the ISO27001 international standards.

Information Security Risk Management:

We identify information security risks within your organisation and develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans to manage these risks. Implementing continuous monitoring, analysis, testing and reporting on events, threats, and activity through both endpoint detection & remediation. This includes monitoring on all devices connected to the Internet (such as IoT and network devices), data entry and exit points as well as all your employees.

Cyber Resilience Assessments:

We conduct assessments to ascertain whether your organisation has catered for information security risks in your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. If not, we can help you develop these strategies to bolster your overall disaster recovery planning mechanisms.

NIST Cybersecurity Audits & Alignment:

ACDS will conduct audits on cybersecurity controls in place to align to the NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology in the US) framework to ensure your defenses are aligned with global best practices.

Security Baselines:

We guide you on how to build security into all aspects of your IT infrastructure as well as dealing with 3rd party suppliers to assure that they are aligned to the organisation’s security strategy.

Consulting Services:

We offer compliance services including audits and implementation of the following regulations:

  1. PoPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act in South Africa) to ensure your customer data is protected at all times. 
  2. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) sets out seven principles for the lawful processing of personal data. Processing includes the collection, organisation, structuring, storage, alteration, consultation, use, communication, combination, restriction, erasure or destruction of personal data. 
  3. King IV(Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016) specifically around business continuity and cybersecurity requirements for the business. 
  4. The soon to be gazetted ZA Cyber-Crimes Bill, as well as the recently released critical infrastructure bill.


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