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What does it take to remain safe in a connected world? To think like them, know their next move and beat them to it, because it takes a good hacker to beat an evil one.

All of our engineers and analysts are highly trained professionals who have gone through a range of training developed for, and by, the military based on real world scenarios and situations. So they are trained to analyse, understand and recognize patterns presented by cybercriminals with extensive experience in cybersecurity consulting.

Cyber Security Specialists:

With our team of cybersecurity specialists, we will help you build a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is responsive to cyber threats before they strike to ensure you remain secure.

Red Team Analysis:

We offer Red Team scenario testing, which is the deployment of a simulated attack team to test for vulnerabilities. This includes penetration testing of security controls put in place within the business infrastructure with regards to application, network, perimeter, data, information and/or endpoint device security. Our analysis also includes Black Team testing (aggressive software and hardware testing), as well as zero-day analysis to patch potential flaws in hardware, software and firmware. The service is completed by Blue Team (defensive) efficacy analysis.

Vulnerability Assessments:

We conduct assessments to look for vulnerabilities within your IT environment that could be exploited, including the potential attack path and adversarial analysis to ensure you have no gaps in your armour.

Mitre Att&Ck Analysis of Infrastructure & Applications:

We analyse critical controls against infrastructure & applications to boost your defense team’s effectiveness.

Information Security User-Awareness Testing:

We also offer Q-and-A style testing to make sure your teams remain aware of the threats and are educated on and encouraged to participate in secure behaviours to get your staff and executive team trained on the latest information security best practices aligned with your company’s needs.

DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) Services:

We investigate hacks or compromises using the latest forensic methodologies and technologies. We also help you to respond to the attacks by performing incident response drills to recover and rebuild your business quicker. We can also conduct remote Digital Forensics where required, allowing us to remotely investigate security incidents, find patient-zero and prevent threats from spreading throughout the organization including any location, rapid and onsite DFIR.


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