Remote work can be great, if it is secure!

Are you secure?

Cyber Protection as a Service – uncompromised and affordable

Companies today increasingly expect their managed IT services contracts to include cybersecurity over and above data protection services like backup & recovery. As remote working becomes more firmly entrenched, here’s why this expectation makes sense:

Superior cyber protection expertise
Outsourcing your corporate cyber protection to a trusted managed service provider (MSP) – with unique access to independent software vendor (ISV) trainings – is more efficient. They invest significant time to study best practices so you don’t have to.

Easier management and scalability
An IT department’s team is under increasing pressure. Off-loading to an experienced MSP is a winning way to free up resources so you can focus on core business needs instead of managing your backups and cybersecurity.

No data = no business continuity
Data is now the world’s most valuable resource. Protecting it has become a basic human need. Cyber Protection ensures it remains safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure.

What is included in your FREE trial?

  • An endpoint agent until the end of July
  • Endpoint vulnerability & patch management
  • Managed backup and disaster recovery*
  • Endpoint protection

*If you do require the backup services we will charge you for the storage space should you need space in our secure cloud only.

Protecting a business’s most valuable asset with ACDS’s Cyber Protect Cloud

With ACDS Cyber Protect Cloud, you get reliable protection of your data plus the peace of mind of full-stack cybersecurity, which can benefit businesses of all sizes. Wouldn’t you prefer a single solution that is easy for you and your team, and delivers it all at a lower cost including:

  • One license
  • One agent
  • One backend
  • One user interface
  • One management
  • One vendor support line
  • One shared information about protected system


These are the reasons we believe you need ACDS Cyber Protect Cloud:

  • Offers full protection for your critical workloads
  • It has simple pricing with no upfront costs
  • Unmatched storage options
  • Intuitive, self-service web console
  • Seamless deployment
  • Intuitive, self-service web console
  • Proactive anti-ransomware and anti-malware protection


ACDS Cyber Protect Cloud offers you an all-in-one security solution with an integrated combination of the most useful protections including anti-malware, vulnerability assessment, backup and patch management. We guarantee excellent performance with a single agent sharing low-level interceptions for both backup and anti-malware protection and best in class with proven expertise in anti-malware protection, backup, and AI/ML.


Is every device and user account across your network secure right now?
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