An all-in-one security solution

Making it easier for you to deliver the modern cyber protection your organization requires

Like most organizations, you probably rely on a patchwork of legacy backup and security solutions.

You have a solution for backup, for malware protection, for vulnerability management, patch automation, disaster recovery, and so on. That all gets expensive for your business, and complicates your licensing, deployments, testing, training, support workflows and vendor contracting. Your team is left with a complex, costly mess of solutions that don’t solve the modern security challenges you face.

Wouldn’t you prefer a single solution that is easy for you and your team, and delivers it all at a lower cost?

We’ve launched the ACDS Cyber Protect Cloud. It’s the single service provider solution that combines backup, anti-malware, security and management capabilities such as vulnerability assessments, patch management, and more.

You get upgraded security, with integrated AI-based defenses that protects you from modern threats, smarter use of resources so you and your team can focus on your core business.

Security is now critical to organizations of all sizes. ACDS Cyber Protect Cloud makes it easy to deliver the modern cyber protection your organization requires.

AI-Powered Integration of Data Protection with Cybersecurity

Cover all capabilities with ONE integrated solution:

  • One license
  • One agent
  • One backend
  • One user interface
  • One management console
  • One vendor support line
  • One shared information about protected system

ACDS Cyber Protect Cloud offers you an all-in-one security solution with an integrated combination of the most useful protections including anti-malware, vulnerability assessment, backup and patch management. We guarantee excellent performance with a single agent sharing low-level interceptions for both backup and anti-malware protection and best in class with proven expertise in anti-malware protection, backup, and AI/ML.


Is every device and user account across your network secure right now?
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