Risk assessments are the cornerstone of every successful Information and Cybersecurity program

ACDS helps companies understand their current Cybersecurity readiness

When last did you have a Health Check on your company’s cybersecurity? But what is it we actually do and why do we do it?
Risk Assessments:
Information Security Risk assessments are the cornerstone of every successful Information and Cybersecurity program, and the starting point for any business that wants to be Cyber secure. ACDS has specialist expertize in Conducting Risk assessments with vast experience and first-hand knowledge of the risks moderns businesses face. Information Security and IT risk form an integral part of the overall risk strategy of any company, and can be a daunting task if you are not a subject matter expert in Information risk. ACDS can assist you in your own risk assessment strategy and approach, we are Independent and objective, with decades of experience and knowledge.
Cybersecurity Maturity and Assurance:
ACDS specializes in helping companies understand their current Cybersecurity readiness, how they measure up to industry standards and specific sector practices, and then to develop and build the roadmaps required to ensure that their Cybersecurity is up to the necessary standard and quality. ACDS can also conduct Cyber and IT Audits, to verify the level of Cybersecurity capabilities and controls as well as the implementation of Industry Specific Frameworks (NIST, ISO27000, CSC CIS, SOC 2) a company has in place.
Cybersecurity Strategy:
To have an effective Cybersecurity strategy and long-term plan in place is key to ensuring your Cybersecurity capabilities stay relevant and up to standard. ACDS can assist companies in developing their Cybersecurity strategy, ensuring alignment to the corporate strategy of the business, motivating the business case for Cybersecurity resources, ensuring that the company attracts, trains and keeps the right candidates and skill sets that are becoming increasingly in demand and even more scarce.
Consulting and Implementation:
Cybersecurity expertise is required by all companies, but not every company needs a full time expert. ACDS can provide Specialist Cyber and Information security knowledge on an ad hoc basis, we also provide virtual or part time CISO (Chief Information Security officer) services, with specialist knowledge on Cybersecurity program roll-out and implementation plans, we also provide 3rd party management services.
Security Cost benefit Analysis:
ACDS can quantify your Cybersecurity risks into monetary value, and assist companies in determining exactly what the monetary risk exposure is they face, this in turn can assist companies to determine if they are spending their money in the correct areas of Cybersecurity. ACDS can assist in developing cost sensitive budgets, as well as Cost benefit analysis of Cybersecurity programs and services.
Security Services Verification:
Many companies pay for security services, but few companies actually receive the full worth of their services. ACDS can assist with the security services verification, from independent security testing (vulnerability analysis, penetration testing etc.) to industry benchmarking of security services and cost.
Businesses and organizations around the world are facing a gap between existing cybersecurity processes and implementing stronger defenses to stop attacks that are happening more frequently. There are multiple frameworks available to help organizations get up to speed and in conformance – however, not all best practices are created equal. Some are driven by a single organization’s perspective, while others are created with security as an afterthought.


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