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It’s tempting to believe that threats are all external but on average 34% of data breaches involve internal factors. The truth is, a threat to your data could come from anywhere, at any time, in a myriad of ever evolving and sophisticated ways.

Our cybersecurity resilience services cover all avenues of potential breaches through the combined efforts of key IT security service principles and the deployment of ACDS’ rapid detection and response system.


Is there a way you can ensure you remain secure? We can help you identify and classify your data and build a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is responsive to cyber threats before they strike to ensure you remain as secure as possible.

This is where we identify your threats based on a threat analysis, using our own threat intelligence system we have created, we consider the full scope of potential risk avenues by conducting a full security assessment which covers digital, physical and human risk factors. Once these are identified, we classify and profile them according the type and level of risk posed to assist in your rule building to input into a tool for improved outputs.


How can you always keep your most valuable digital assets protected? We offer a full complement of managed services to protect you, including sophisticated security operations to support you through managed detection & response and SOC as a service.

ACDS analyses the risk factors and uses an advanced, proprietary monitoring system to analyse the activities and behaviours around them. Rules can be specific and tailor-made to accommodate the most critical assets identified by your business to detect even the slightest deviations in normal business activity and report it as an anomaly that requires action or remediation.


How can you ensure business gets back to business as quickly as possible? Utilising our sophisticated cybersecurity company to protect you, your business stands a fighting chance against today’s threat landscape and its ability to destabilize your operations.

If a threat does occur the threat is assessed, responded to and contained, while a recovery strategy to mitigate the damages is implemented. Responses to threats are within defined times to ensure the recovery of critical business functions to enable operational business continuity.


What does it take to remain safe in a connected world? To think like them, know their next move and beat them to it, because it takes a good hacker to beat an evil one.

All of our engineers and analysts are highly trained professionals who have gone through a range of training developed for, and by, the military based on real world scenarios and situations. So they are trained to analyse, understand and recognize patterns presented by cybercriminals with extensive experience in cybersecurity consulting.


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